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Emanuel Law Outlines for Torts, Tenth Edition

Look Inside. Torts and Criminal law in detailTorts are committed by one person against another while crimes are committed against the state.

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For both crimes and torts the most Crimes from misdemeanors like criminal mischief and breach Exam Prep OnlyLook Inside! Written by the authors of 6 publisfed bar essays! Definitions, rules, arguments, Definitions, rules, arguments, discussions and extremely informative lessons - everything needed to survive first year law school.

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Great for students taking Contracts Torts or Criminal law. This wonderful short book is for exam preparation, not an outline. The writer's own bar The writer's own bar essays were all published after his bar exam. Look Inside!. I don't have to struggle to remember every word of every assignment definition I have ever Law School Definitions can be learned instead: Stop.

Give this book a five star review. This book is for your direct Exam prep.

Most incredible torts outline; helped me book the class.

Stop forgetting Stop forgetting your definitions and start knowing what they mean - how to make up your own accurate definitions! Law school progress is now guaranteed. This book is for Examination preparation not an outline. Use accordingly and use repeatedly.

Emanuel Law Outlines for Torts, Tenth Edition

All the author's All the author's own bar exam essays were published.. CreateSpace Publishing. Use it for preparation prior to class, for review after class, and in advance of your final exam. The extreme sensitivity of a victim is ignored in deciding the elements of a claim — we assume the P is a normal plaintiff 2.

NO incapacity defenses Mentally ill, intoxicated, minor, disabled 3. All intentional torts require intent.

Prima Facie Case 1. Act by defendant — The act requires a Volitional Movement by the defendant. Intent — The intent may be either: Specific — desires to produce the specific legally forbidden consequences General — knows with substantial certainty that these consequences will result Transferred Intent — If you intend any forbidden consequence, intent will be transferred to the injured victim.

Try to punch one person and hit another Only applies to assault, battery, false imprisonment, trespass to land and to chattel. Causation The result must be legally caused by the defendants act or something set in motion by him. Causation is satisfied if defendants conduct was a substantial factor in bringing about the injury.